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Explorations in Typography
I’ve just published a review on Typographica of Carolina de Bartolo’s new book, Explorations in Typography. It’s a great website and a wonderful book. Here’s an excerpt:

As someone who works with typography and design every day, I have a few books I turn to when I need to clear my mind of clutter. One of my favorites is Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, which includes this rumination on the sanctity of the title page: “Think of the blank page as alpine meadow, or as the purity of undifferentiated being. The typographer enters this space and must change it. The reader will enter it later, to see what the typographer has done.” Lines like this refresh my understanding of the task at hand and clarify my sense of purpose.

Carolina de Bartolo’s new book Explorations in Typography has a similar effect, albeit via entirely different means.

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